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C&Z Purlin

Purlin is a beam or bar used to support the building’s rafters or its walls in structures most commonly used in metal buildings but also compatible to wood-frame structures too. Purlins increases the span of rafter which allowing a wider building support and strength. The purlins is designed to evenly pass the roof loads to the major structure of the building. Purlins is used commonly in pre-engineered metal construction systems.

There are multiple types of Purlins depending on the shapes and material they are made of. C Purlins and Z purlins are majorly used to joint, overlaps and wall joints between roof sheets.

  • Easy to install.
  • Accurate dimensions.
  • Pre Cut and Pre punch facility with automatic machines.
  • Different thickness, GSM coating and strength.

Purlins are maintained at low cost and consumes less energy. They are easy to recycle which makes them environment friendly.


Color coated sheet

Color Coated Roofing Sheets is formed by an industrial process of converting metal into thin, flat pieces of sheet and can be cut and bent into a multiple shapes. Color Coated Roofing Sheets are heavy-duty roofing sheets which have high resistance and endurance with color coating throughout the roof or cladding. Made in multiple thickness of coating depends on the weather conditions and its use. It comes in multiple colours to match with your structure and enhance the beauty of building with highly durability.

Our colour coated sheets have:-

  • Best balance between coverage and strength.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • Design for usage in high wind load areas.
  • Colour coated sheets have anti-corrosive property and durability. They reflect heat and cut cooling costs.
  • Our Colour coated sheets dramatically increase the appreciative value of every structure.
  • Fire resistant and avoid lightning.
  • Weather proof and resistant to corrosion and rusting. Colour coated sheets are coated with different colours via a chemical process and retain their colour and shine for a long period of time.

Turbo ventilator

Turbo ventilators are wind driven and very effective in ventilation for different industries. Turbo ventilators made of round metal vents attached to a flat dome shape with fins in them and operational with mild breeze. Rotation sucks the stale hot air from inside of the building and the faster it works as fast as wind blows. The rotation exhaust the heat, smoke, humidity etc.from the building or structure.

A non-electric machine of ventilation. A Turbo ventilator provides a form of natural ventilation and replace the stale air with fresh air from outside with natural flow of wind and air pressure. The turbine uses wind energy to spin free and works as roof ventilator.


  • Extremely low friction as compared to bearings
  • Available in both internally and externally braced styles
  • Large flashing allows for easy installation
  • Quiet operation with bush supported system.
  • Fiber base.
  • Aluminum construction in with stainless steel in 12-inch and 24-inch sizes
  • reduces shed temperature by 3º to 7º C
  • Zero power cost.

Ventilation is an important aspect for workforce. Without ventilation suffocation increases and people feel disinterested and lazy due to lack of oxygen. Ventilation makes people feel more alive and vital which results in more productivity. Reduction in humidity & temperature, all electrical systems and workforce works at their fullest efficiency.

Quality values

Some of our

Welcome to <b><u>ARS Roofing</u></b>

Welcome to ARS Roofing

We would like to take this opportunity of briefly introducing ARS Roofing, which is a well-established ISO 9001-2008 certified company Providing services to our esteemed clients.

Our ethical practices driven by strong Corporate Governance have contributed to strive for success. Technological upgradation and innovations are focused factors of ARS Roofing which gives us vision of becoming the Company that puts India on the global map in infrastructure industry.

Our range of Pre Engineered Buildings includes PEB, prefab buildings, industrial sheds, metal roofing, wall cladding, metal decking, C-Zed purlins, PUF Panels, turbo roof vents and ridge vent and other accessories.


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