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About Us

About us

ARS Roofing mission is to help & grow your business.

ARS Roofing ensure that our products and services should be of highest quality and reliable at a reasonable cost to our customers. We anticipate to satisfy the requirements of Products and services for Infrastructure development of multiple industries. We are dedicated manufacturers of Pre- Engineering Building and all kinds of Roofing Products and accessories.

We endeavor to design and build high-performance products with feasible and environmentally friendly resources for the amelioration of the society.

We pleaded customers with ingenious ideas for Products and solutions.

To supply a wide spectrum of services and products for Buildings and Roofing Sheets along with adornments to meet Customers’ requirement with numerous choices accordingly.

We make a difference

ARS Roofing are contributing to the nation’s infrastructure development by providing world class products and services to customers and playing vital role on development of factories, terminals, ports, shipyards and other facilities. ERP system enables us to run and monitored the project in order to attain improvement and deliver quality output to clients spread across the country. We provide our product in accordance with latest technology and their processing facilities which enhance capabilities to create a new benchmark in customer experience. We provide our products of that high end quality that will perform as expected under various weather and environmental conditions for decades to come. ARS Roofing offers customer service as well as technical support from our in house licensed engineers. Our zero sewerage garbage, sustainable development, green townships and happy employees are developing the course of the nation with their growth and advancement.

We make a difference

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ARS Roofing are one of the leading and dedicated manufacturers of Pre- Engineering Building and all kinds of Roofing Products and accessories. We manufacture color coated roofing sheets / galvanized & galvalume trapezoidal profile sheets, Crimp sheet, C&Z Purlins, Anchors bolt, Turbo ventilator and attachments. Our company develops highest quality profile roofing sheets which are widely used in infrastructure industry. Our quality assurance along with strict manufacturing standards and professional & honest approach has placed us on top of the competition. We provide superior quality products to brand conscious consumers at the retail level. The company has a unique strength of strictness on the quality of products which attract customer’s conviction and belief.


The company know the right and do what is right. Company treat their customer as the way they want to be treated as per their custom as well as conventional requirements with succour of latest technological supports and play a role in clients development. The company follows strict rule to procure the optimum utilization of resources with embracing the sustainable development keeping the company ahead in economic and environmental development. ARS Roofing embrace opportunities to contribute in your esteemed organization and interested in collaboration to pull off development.


Single-Source Responsibility
Greater Control
Reduction in Overall Construction Schedule
Improved Risk Management
Greater Cost-effectiveness
Quality Assurance

High quality, reasonable price and sincere service is the motto of the company to which it has always been sticking to. We welcome our new and old customers to establish long-term business relations with us.

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